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Embracing the Passion of the Explorer

The passion of the explorer is defined by three attributes: the questing disposition that seeks out new challenges, the connecting disposition that seeks to connect with others when addressing new challenges, and a commitment to achieving impact with a servant's heart.

Connecting impact groups

Being Innovative by Design

Being innovative by design means utilizing both Systems Innovation from Si and Human-Centered Design methods from the LUMA Institute. Systems Innovation is the restructuring of social, economic, and technological systems. It is not just about a specific aspect or end product but the whole system which needs to be improved or replaced. New ideas and innovative methods of accomplishing new tasks and challenges are most important. Human-Centered Design involves LOOKING carefully, UNDERSTANDING deeply, and MAKING resourcefully.

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Having Focused Conversations

We cultivate the environment where deep and focused conversations occur, powerful questions are considered, opportunities emerge, wise choices are made and words start to become actions. The help turn our conversations into great decisions we use the Decider App by Nobl.io

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Forming Impact Groups

Impact groups are small – typically between 3 to 12 people that form deep, trust-based relationships with each other by getting to know each other extremely well, both in terms of their strengths and their weaknesses, as well as their motivations.

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Setting Bold OKRs

Once we have committed to an action, we define our north star Objective to provide clarity of purpose and Key Results that form mileposts for each group as they progress towards their goal.

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Making It Happen!

Make it happen is doing the work to achieve the key results. It is also the challenge we give to each impact group participant. It is the "experiential" in experiential learning.

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Individual Reflection & Learning

Experiential learning is the process of learning through experience, and we more narrowly define it as learning through reflection on doing.

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Learning Faster Together

All Impact Groups jointly form our Creation Space where participants can learn faster together through publishing a group's outcomes in the Doing Community Journal and interacting at informal gatherings and our symposium.