Our platform provides our impact groups with opportunities to create new knowledge that can’t be obtained through a lecture and resources that aid them in their quest and commitment to making an impact.

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Knowledge Base

Do you have a question about the doing community way? Get answers to all your questions in our comprehensive knowledge base.

Interacting at a workspace.


The core of the platform is a shared workspace which each impact group can use to determine what actions they are going to take and what impact they are seeking to achieve. We provide both in-person and digital spaces for impact groups to gather, interact and learn from each other.

Interacting at a workspace.

Objectives & Key Results

Once we have committed to an action, we define Objectives & Key Results that encourage groups to explore and experiment as they work to achieve the goal.

Connecting impact groups

Impact Groups

Impact Groups gather together at our workspaces to connect with other impact groups to create new knowledge by sharing what they have learned through action and reflection.

Connecting impact groups

People Directory

This platform provides a people directory so that impact teams can quickly and easily find willing individuals who share common passions and have the skills and experience they may need. Each participant has a profile outlining their demonstrated ability to address challenges that helps in connecting the right people.

The directory of our people

Community Directory

Another valuable directory this platform provides is a comprehensive directory of organizations, events and activities in greater Pensacola. This resource can be used to discover local organizations, events and activities that impact groups could leverage.

A directory of community groups

Apps Directory

We have carefully selected a few great apps to support our impact groups and general administration. These apps keep us organized, informed and most importantly collaborating together.

All of our awesome apps


Read and follow our journal to stay up to date on what our impact teams are learning as they work to achieve the key results leading to accomplsihing our bold objectives.

All of our awesome apps