Nuts !

Getting involved with doing community is easy and straightforward. Just follow the onboarding steps below.

Onboarding Steps

First, complete our application form so we know who you are and how we can get in touch. We need this so we can add you to the various collaboration applications.

Next we ask that you install the core applications that we are using. These enable you to easily participate in our micro-learning courses and collaborate using Twist and Miro. You will use EdApp in the next step.

To get a good start we ask that you use EdApp to complete our introductory orientation course (being developed) that covers Setting Audacious Objectives, Measuring What Matters, Using Systems Innovation and Strategic Doing.

Initially we will add you to the Twist Doing Community channel where you can introduce yourself, meet other community members and get used to using asynchronous communication.

Getting Help

Are you confused, have an issue or a question then please let us know by submitting a help desk ticket.