Defining the Learning Objective

At this point we have a commitment to do something and have started building an impact group . Now we need to translate our "Will Do" commitment into a clear learning objective.

What are we trying to learn?

Learning goals might include trying out new systems or methods, or experimenting with new ways to meet a challenge.

Focus on what we don't know and would like to.

The purpose of the hypothesis is to find the answer to a question.

Remain open-minded towards unexpected outcomes

We may discover that something works, kind-a works, or doesn't work at all. Experimnetal goals are all about the learning journey. It is very important that we review, analyze and communicate our results regularly.

Identifying the Key Results

Key Results are the measures and milestones that indicate how we will accomplish our ojective.

No more than 3 to 5 key results

The least number of key results the better as long as they lead to achieving the objective when all the results are achieved.

Make them specific and time-bound

Be precise in stating a key results, they should clarify what to achieve - avoid fuzzy language.

Make them aggressive, yet realistic

Because we are trying to learn what we don't know our key results should be challenging to achieve. They should not be business as usual.

Make sure they are measurable and verifiable

Each key result should have a number like a quantity, percentage, date, etc.