Our community needs to build for tomorrow by taking action today. To discover the possibilities that will dissolve problems and reveal new opportunities for everyone. To become innovative, equitable, verdant, and prosperous. To be world class competitive in attracting the best and brightest people, businesses and events. To truly become the place where we live like millions wish they could.


The Doing Community Way

We can increase our community's capacity for transformation through small groups learning together and following the doing community way. Click on any tile for more details.


So what does Doing Community Do? We . . .


We facilitate the community having deep & focused conversations that identify important objectives.

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We organize impact groups of 3-12 people that form deep trusting relationships through learning by doing.

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We provide knowledge, services, resources and work spaces to enable groups to learn and do more together.

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We provision and support key software applications for group collaboration and coordination.

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